In Love with the Ocean

Oh mein Gott, nicht schon wieder! Ich habe mich in einen Song verliebt. 🙂

If I could have chosen
where God would hide his heaven
I would wish for it to be
in the salt and swelly the ocean.
Car­ried by the currents
to all con­ti­nents‘ shores.
Reach­ing into depths where the sun’s light has nev­er shown.
Mixed with algae and coral.
Breathed in by sharks and dolphins.
Sailed by tanker ships, pri­vate yachts, swam in by tourists.
Work­ing its way up through inlets, lakes, and rivers,
swamps, and estuaries.
Down through lime­stone into the aquifer.
Puri­fied by the county,
pumped through pipes and out faucets.
Filled into a glass to meet the thirst of our children.

If I could have cho­sen, I would have been born a woman.
My moth­er once told me
she would have named me Laura.
I would grow up to be strong and beau­ti­ful like her.
One day I’d find an hon­est man
to make my husband.
We would have two children,
build our home on the Gulf of Mexico.
Our fam­i­ly would spend hot sum­mer days at the beach together.
The sun would kiss our skin as we played in the sand and water.
We would know we loved each oth­er with­out hav­ing to say it.

At night we would sleep with the win­dows of our house left open.

Let­ting the cool ocean air
soothe the sun­burned shoulders
of our children.

there is an ocean
in my soul
where the waters
do not curve

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