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Frank Turner -
300 Reasons
Not To Be An Idiot

Dieser Eintrag versam­melt einige der ca. 300 von Frank Turner angeführ­ten Gründe, kein Idiot zu sein. Er dient ausschließ­lich zu Dokumentations- und Recher­che­zwe­cken sowie zu meinem Privat­ver­gnü­gen und wird bei entspre­chen­dem Infor­ma­ti­ons­fluß fortlau­fend erwei­tert. Danke dennoch für die Aufmerk­sam­keit! Wenn Dein Grund hier noch fehlt, freue ich mich auf Deinen Kommentar!

This entry is trying to gather some (maybe all?) of the 300 „Reasons Not To Be An Idiot“ of the corre­spon­dent vinyl record by Frank Turner.  If „your“ reason is missing please leave a comment here inclu­ding the number of the record! Thanks!

Reason #003: Because no one really cares…
Reason #009: Because you will miss your fucking bus!
Reason #010: Because the shops are closing in 10 minutes…
Reason #021: Because people are trying to sleep in here!
Reason #033: Because the wind might change and you’ll be stuck like that forever
Reason #042: Because you might end up with Russell Brand’s hair
Reason #063: Because my name ain’t really Frank…
Reason #069: Because Prison won’t make you a man.
Reason #070: Because New Labour is full.
Reason #090: Because you have to pay for your sins sometime…
Reason #114: Because i need you to keep buying my records
Reason #115: Because it butters no parsnips
Reason #131: Because you should leave point­less­ness to blunt pencils
Reason #148: Because Rick-Rolling isn’t funny anymore
Reason #160: Because the diffe­rence between Italian espresso and cocain is, frankly, academic
Reason #176: Because Joe Strummer is never coming back.
Reason #195: Because if Crass called the Clash „The Cash“, they’d surely laugh if they saw my stash.
Reason #196: Because integrity don’t keep you warm and sane.
Reason #206: Because Holly­wood just wants to eat your soul
Reason #207: Because if ratio­na­lists take their eye off the ball, the god squad creep in through the back door again.
Reason #217: Because politi­cal correct­ness is just lingu­is­tic fascism.
Reason #219: Because I’m a Man, he’s a PC and you’re a Fascist (linux)
Reason #221: Because my battery’s running low
Reason #235: Because Art School is too cool.
Reason #259: Because level-crossing deaths slow down the traffic
Reason #265: Because Dumble­dore dies at the end.
Reason #293: Because I’m not the outdoor type…
Reason #299: Because the only thing that’s left to do is live.
Reason #305: Because the line between collec­ti­vism and tyranny is a thin one indeed
Reason #314: Because I look nothing like Brett of Flight of the Conchords.
Reason #318: Because the inter­net = Skynet.
Reason #321: Because i’d forgot­ten how dull writing these reasons out is…

2 Kommentare zu „Frank Turner -<br>300 Reasons<br>Not To Be An Idiot“

  1. Hasine Hasenbrot

    Because while you’re busy making other plans, you someti­mes realize that this here is your life !

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