November 2015

Amerika spirit is like free eagle flies over mountains

Free­dom land is land of freedom

Fly I like eagle free bird of lib­er­ty. You away with me fly hon­ey we will bird free be. Nature is free peace eagle har­mo­ny time. Life easy spir­it of Ameri­ka! Fly­ing eagle free­dom is spread wings like angel. Free­dom for­ev­er true spir­it of Ameri­ka! Be free eagle is lib­er­ty because eagle flies free always free like eagle of lib­er­ty. Life live eagle free forever!

Die Vorstel­lung, nach ein­er ver­lore­nen Wette in so ein­er grauen­haften Jacke durch die Fußgänger­zone laufen zu müssen, erheit­ert mich.

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