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Monat: April 2019

Das verrückte Leben

Upside inside out
She’s livin‘ la vida loca
She’ll push and pull you down
Livin‘ la vida loca
Her lips are devil red
And her skin’s the color of mocha
She will wear you out
Livin‘ la vida loca
She’s livin la vida loca

I drink Coffee of the Americas

Hello! Long Time No Read! That’s because I have long time not written nothing. My english is not good. I have only the sevente class school english from the school in the GDR. But trotz­dem I have the feeling, that „Coffee of the Ameri­cas“ is not the right english. Sounds a bisschen funny to me. Anyway, I like to drink Coffee of the Ameri­cas, because Coffee of the Ameri­cas is good coffee which I enjoy now. Classic Blend! Classic Taste! Classic Kaffeedose!

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